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Cardiorespiratory endurance, which is also known as aerobic endurance, is the ability of the whole body to sustain prolonged exercise involving relatively large muscle groups. Muscle endurance is defi ned as the ability of a muscle group to execute repeated contractions over a period of time that is suffi cient to cause muscular fatigue or as the ability to maintain a specific percentage of the maximum voluntary contraction for a prolonged period of time. Each version of muscle endurance plays a unique role in sport activities, and each has a special importance to various athletes. Cardiorespiratory endurance is thought to be the most important component of physical fi tness.
Low endurance capacity leads to exhaustion, even in sports and activities characterised by low dynamics. Th e combination of spiroergometric testing (with appropriate testing protocols) and the measurements of lactate thresholds is believed to be the gold standard in the assessment of cardiorespiratory endurance. The generated parameters are then used to defi ne the training objectives, to preparefor a precise training plan and program, and to evaluate the eff ects of the subsequent training eff ect evaluation.
Muscular endurance is specifi c for each group of muscle, type ,and velocity of contraction. Due to the specifi city of muscular endurance, a universal assessment of the muscular endurance of the whole body has not yet been developed. Isokinetic and isoinertial dynamometry and numerous fi eld tests are used to assess muscular endurance. By understanding and monitoring endurance in athletes, the training workload during the preparation period and the the pre-competition and competition seasons can be implemented and corrected. Th e achievement and maintenance of optimal fi tness should be regarded as a dynamic concept that requires continual monitoring that is aided by the modern methods of functional diagnoses.

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